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I'm Margaret Donohue, PhD a clinical, forensic, neuropsychologist specializing in health and medical psychology.  Our office does psychological and neuropsychological testing and therapy, career counseling, vocational testing and assessment and psychological and neuropsychological testing for disabilities including academic disabilities under ADA law, as well as psychological evaluations for immigration including hardship, VOWA, and asylum.  Everyone in our office has a history of working with survivors of trauma including medical trauma.

Health and Medical Psychology--I work with people with chronic, serious, terminal and undiagnosed medical conditions and perform complex psychological and neuropsychological evaluations.  Medical psychology provides information to patients and physicians about resources, services, and research, and assists with psychological management of medical conditions to improve quality of life and symptom control.  

Clinical Psychology--clinical psychology involves psychological evaluations and treatment of psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and behavior difficulties.  We provide personality assessment, academic assessment, vocational interest testing, cognitive testing, and testing for aptitude.

Forensic Psychology--Some of the evaluations require court reports or testimony and are referred to as forensic evaluations.  These include disability evaluations, academic accommodation evaluations, and immigration evaluations as well as personal injury evaluations.

Neuropsychology--Neuropsychology involves evaluation of all areas of the functioning of the cortex of the brain.  These evaluations are important in working with people who have some medical difficulties as well as people who have specific learning problems or head injuries.

Complex Assessments--Psychological and neuropsychological testing and evaluation can be done for wide ranging conditions in a variety of settings.  For assistance in documenting the need for formal testing accommodations, we can simulate testing environments and document test results with and without accommodations.These test simulations can be done over several days if needed.  Most of our assessments can be done either in our offices or at other locations that may be more convenient to someone's home, school, doctor's office, or workplace.

For Professionals--We can provide services on your behalf at your office or at another location at your direction.  You can order the assessment or evaluation services just like a lab test.  All services are provided by licensed psychologists.  Research can be provided that is disease or symptom specific, including information on clinical trials, diagnostic decision trees, and recent innovations in treatment.  We can help you manage issues with compliance with complex treatment protocols, or assist with people who have difficulty providing historical or symptom specific information.  

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 In case of a psychiatric emergency in the Los Angeles County area call 800-854-7771.  This will get you to the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team.


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The logo is from an original art piece created by Margaret Donohue in 2010.  The drawing is pen and ink with water color wash.  The line at the bottom of the neck is an ekg tracing.  The "cog" in the brain represent cognitive rehabilitation.  It was formally displayed at a juried art show through Mirrors of the Mind from the Los Angeles County Psychological Association and is published in a book by the same name (  Margaret Donohue was a promising visual artist in 1985 when she was assaulted and had a head injury impacting facial recognition.  Although the prevailing attitude at the time was that brain injuries were not amenable to treatment, Margaret attempted to rehabilitate her ability to recognize and draw faces.  Although her artistic functioning is not at the level it once was, she continues to enjoy art and created the logo for her company in addition to numerous other art pieces.  

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Meet Our Staff

Maria Martin, Ph.D. (PSY27160), LMFT (36800)  

  • Specializing in psychological testing
  • Immigration evaluations
  • Psychotherapy
  • Health psychology
  • Services in Spanish
  • 909-519-2662

Ziba Saatchian, Psy.D. (PSY28882)
Specializing in:
  • Play Therapy with Children
  • Psychotherapy and Coaching with Teens
  • Individual Psychotherapy with Adults (childhood traumas, anxiety, depression and personality disorders)
  • Family Therapy
  • Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations
  • 818-275-0316


Minas Harutunian, Psy.D. (PSB94021912)

Psychological Assistant

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Specializing in men's issues
  • Couples Counseling
  • Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations
  • 818-415-4183

Shayan Rad, Psy.D.
Psychological Assistant
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • 310-435-9032

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